The Sword Coast of Faerun….Leave the city, all bets are off. Safety not guaranteed on this voyage. If you enjoy mixing it up with Goblinoids, fighting off arachnids, stemming the Giant tide or arguing with a Dragon, welcome. In order to enhance play remember the following:
1) know your character
2) this is a team game, anything you do to reduce the enjoyment of the game for the players will be penalized
3) I don’t take pleasure in killing pc’s. although it can make for a good story
4) DM Caveat – when I rule, the conversation is over. I have no problem researching after the fact, but we need to keep the game moving
5) I frown on evil players, see 2) above. If you are playing an evil character you better be damn good, or you will find yourself hanging in a Gibbet at a crossroad.